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Our Specialist Welding Services

SP Specialist Welding (SPSW) has extensive experience in Pharmaceutical, Dairy’s, Breweries, Beverages and Food Process pipework installation. We offer a full service from new factory installs to upgrades on your existing plant to Pre-Fabrication work in our fully functional Fab Shop. SPSW Provided Qualified and Coded Welders to ensure our Work is to 100% X-Ray standard. We have Worked on sites such as Bakkavor foods, Britvic soft drinks, Fullers Brewery etc.

Such as;

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Breweries

  • Food Process Plants

  • Dairy’s

  • CIP Sets

  • Steam & Condensate Pipework

  • Valve Blocks
  • Flow plates

  • Pre Fab Brackets

  • Skids

SP Specialist Welding Services Ltd brings proven experience and expertise to the process food and beverage industry. We ensure relevant industry standards are met and ultimately that our clients achieve end user customer satisfaction. We Provide an experienced Team of contractors to Guarantee our work, which all work to our very high standards of work. We offer a full site surveying service to ensure dimensional accuracy prior to manufacture. The Pipework we install is always done our customer specifications and drawings to guarantee that their product requirement is always met. We also can offer a full installation service for hygienic and service pipe work to food, beverage, pharmaceutical and utility standards.

We offer;

  • Experienced pipefitters
  • Coded welders

  • Process fabrication

  • Mechanical installation

  • Fabrication shop

  • Hygienic Pipework

  • Welding Clean rooms


SP Specialist Welding Services provides a clean working environment to carry out any Pharmaceutical manual welding jobs to a very high Standard, 100% X-Ray and acid cleaning services.


SP Specialist Welding Services have worked in all the major breweries within the UK such as Greene King & Fullers etc. We can offer full mechanical installation or alterations to your existing Plant, to improve your equipment to work more efficient and reducing the chances of down time. install Product lines, improved CIP Sets, machinery Pipework, Service Pipelines, valve servicing and much more.

Food Process Plants

SP Specialist Welding Services have worked in some of the Leading Food Process plants in the UK, giving our customers the end product what they wanted, Meeting all of the Hygienic standards.

Test out piece Welding
Heat Exchanger Bypass Welding
Fullers Skids Welding
Fullers Brewery Welding
Brewery Welding CIP Sets
Brewery Welding
Brewery Welding
Brewery Welding
Brewery Welding